18 June 2014



On 17th June 2014 about 9:20pm, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw Kingsley FERGUSON, 34 year old of Belize City, suffering with (1) apparent gunshot wound to the right side of the face that apparently exited the left side of the jaw. Initial information received is that FERGUSON was sitting on his bicycle in front of a house located on Jones Street, Belize City, when he saw two male persons riding on one bicycle - coming from the direction of Complex Avenue. They rode up beside him and the male person on the handle fired a single shot causing his injuries. Both male persons just kept riding in the direction of Mckay Boulevard. FERGUSON was taken into operating theater where he remains in a stable condition. On the scene, police retrieved (1) slug and (1) .9mm S&B Lugar 9x19 shell.


At 11:00am on 16th June 2014, while police were on mobile patrol on Haulze Street, St. Martin De Pores Area, Belize City, their attention was drawn to Marvin ESPINOZA, 31 year old Belizean Security Guard of Haulze Street, putting his hand in a drain and taking out a black plastic bag. Upon seeing the Police, ESPINOZA dropped the bag. He was immediately apprehended and Police retrieved the bag which was found to contain 8 grams of suspected cannabis. Police then conducted a search in the drain which led to the discovery of a KLIM pan which contained 93 grams of suspected cannabis. ESPINOZA has since been arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking and Possession of Controlled Drugs.  


At 9:00pm on 17th June 2014, Police conducted a search in an empty lot on George price Avenue, Santa Elena Town, which led to the discovery of a black plastic bag containing 87grams of cannabis.  No one was found in the area and the item was deposited as Found Property.

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