26 June 2014



Weibo LIANG, 46 year old Businessman of West Canal, Belize City reported that, on 25th June 2014 at about 11:50am, he was approached from behind by two male persons as he opened the door for his shop ‘Long Lucky Shop’. One pointed a hand gun at his head and demanded money, while the other person hit him on the face and searched his pockets. They then reportedly threatened his daughter who handed over an unknown amount of cash. Both male persons then exited the store and made good their escape. However, the quick response from Precinct No. 1 Police Officers resulted in the apprehension of the two of the alleged suspects. A 15 and 16 year old minor, both of Belize City, were apprehended pending investigations. Police recovered $75.00 in different denominations in an empty lot.

On 24th June 2014, Ladyville Police received a report of a male person who received a hit to his head, which rendered him unconscious and bleeding from the nose, mouth and head. He was identified only as Denver STUART. Initial investigation revealed that a 16 year old male approached Denver STUART under the Bus Stop, opposite the junction of the old Northern Highway and the Phillip Goldson Highway, where he asked Denver for the $2.00Bcy of which Denver STUART reportedly owed him. Denver reportedly replied with a negative and ran. The 16 year old then reportedly got a piece of board and chased Denver in the direction of the Sand Hill Police Station where he caught up to him and hit him to the head and fell unconscious. Denver STUART was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital by B.E.R.T. Ambulance where he remains in a stable condition. Police have since detained the 16 year old pending charges of Aggravated assault.

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The Belize Police Department has collaborated with the Internet Watch Foundation to open this Portal, so that everyone can access and report online sexual abuse of children.

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