Crime News 15 September 2009 PDF Print



On 14.09.09, Police visited Brown’s Butane Gas Service located on Mopan Street where upon arrival they saw the lifeless body of Elton HERRERA of 20 Nargusta Street, Belize City. Initial investigation revealed that HERRERA was placing gas tanks in a Nissan Pickup Truck property of Brown Butane Gas Service when a 100 pound cylinder gas tank exploded causing the fatal injuries. 


On 15.09.09, Police visited #9297 Holy Emmanuel Street, Belize City where a three bedroom plywood structure house measuring 25 feet by 30 feet was seen totally engulfed in flames. Sissy GONZALEZ of said address reported that she got up and noticed that the bedroom was engulfed in fire. The house was completely destroyed. The value of house and its contents are unknown and were not insured.


On14.09.09 Police on Kraal Road, Belize City conducted a search on Mark MEDINA Jr. of 48 Berkely Street, Belize City which led to the discovery of (1) 9mm Pistol serial number HKP7M13S and (13) 9mm rounds. Police arrested and charged MEDINA for the offence of kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license.



On 14.09.09 Andrea ALCALA of Punta Gorda Street, Orange Walk Town reported that her daughter Ricardina ALCALA 16yrs Belizean student of said address left her house on 13.09.09 to Belize City and did not return. Alcala is of Spanish descent, slim built, short black hair with a butterfly tattoo on her back, five feet in height, 100lb in weight. She was last seen wearing a brown blouse with pink dots, a short blue jeans pants and silver sandals. Police are investigating.


On 14.09.09  Alma PATE of Belize/Corozal Road, Orange Walk Town reported that on 13.09.09 her daughter Elsy Catalina CRUZ of same address left home en route  to Black Water Creek, Trial Farm Village, Orange Walk District and have not return. CRUZ is of clear complexion, about 4 feet in height, blonde shoulder length hair sharp nose and brown eyes; last seen wearing a blue jeans skirt, purple blouse and pair of purple sandals also riding a bicycle. Police are investigating.


Reference murder of Roberto CAL which occurred on 13.09.09, Police arrested and charged Marvin Lennen STEVENS 22yrs, Belizean labourer of Guinea Grass Village, Orange Walk District for the crime of murder.



On 14.09.09 Rodulfo CAL of Belmopan City reported that on 14.09.09 his daughter Felomena CAL of said address left home and has not returned. CAL is of clear complexion weighs about 140lb, 4 feet 2 inches in height, shoulder length hair was last seen wearing a white blouse, brown short pants and pink slippers. Police are investigating.